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Porlex Mini II Grinder

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Say hello to the redesigned and improved classic! 

The Porlex Mini hand grinder has been a staple in the coffee industry for years, and for the first time with version 2, it's had a design overhaul improving it's performance exponentially!  Looking basically identical from the outside, the burrs are where the magic is at. With the newly designed burr set, it's nearly twice as fast to grind, and the grinds are more consistent resulting in a cleaner, better-tasting cup of coffee!

Whether it's your travel buddy or simply a part of your 'daily grind' (sorry, couldn't resist!), this is the perfect all rounder. With the stepped grind adjustments, settings can easily be adjusted to cover all brew methods from French Press to Espresso. If you're rolling with an Aeropress, this tucks right inside and becomes the ultimate portable brewing combo.

It has an all stainless steel housing making it easy to clean with less static than plastic grinders. The ceramic burrs won't rust, stay sharp for ages, and are super easy to clean. Porlex leads the way in design and quality, all produced from their factory in Kagoshima, Japan.