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It's time to change your coffee and hot chocolate

In a country overflowing with great cafes and great coffee, it can be a massive effort sometimes to stand out from the pack. We totally get it!

Yet, if something as simple as changing your coffee could change the way you did business, create a new path of engagement with your customers, and give your staff a greater sense of purpose - you’d do it, right?

So, start with changing your coffee!

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We're coffee nerds and we're pedantic about quality.

We roast our coffee in Probats, track and record the details of every batch, and taste every roast for quality and consistency. We experiment and test new brewing equipment, brew methods, and roasting techniques. We believe we already have the best coffee and tools, but we’ll never stop look for ways to improve!

More than just a coffee and hot chocolate wholesaler. We’re family, and we do everything to make sure you experience that.

"Change Coffee ticks all the boxes for me. From the ethically sourced product, to the team behind it. From my very first encounter I have had the most amazing support, coaching and education, in not only the products themselves, but the whole process involved.

Sabel and Nolan have been integral to the growing success of The Gatehouse, and I look forward to not only sharing the brand and its ethos further on a cafe level, but a retail one too as my business grows. Love your work gang!"

The Gatehouse Cafe
Ballarat, VIC
Annmarie Sloane, Owner

"Chancez Cafes are all about providing life changing opportunities. Not only is Change Coffee part of that change we are making, the coffee is ethically sourced and most of all tastes great!"

Chancez Cafes
Greensborough, VIC
Leigh Morante, Support Manager

"Our cafe empowers customers by unifying their everyday purchases with giving back, to create small, positive and impactful change."

Little Things Coffee
Blackburn, VIC
Jacinta Price, Manager

The proof is in the pudding.

What better way to know who you’re working with, than to hear it straight from the customers. Here’s what ours have to say.

Brewing with the best coffee means brewing with the best gear

As our wholesale customer you'll gain access to top-quality industry equipment, including La Marzocco, Mazzer, San Remo, Fiorenzato. We also provide financing options to make it all more bite-sized.

We’re using a humble cup of coffee as a force for change.

This small and wonderful, everyday commodity has huge potential for changing the some of the world’s biggest problems.  So, we’ve committed 100% of our profits to programs that fight global poverty, in real, measurable, and life-changing ways.

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