We're on a mission to use specialty coffee to support the livelihood of communities across the globe.

So you can enjoy drinking great coffee knowing you're doing something good for humanity.


A World Vision social enterprise

Change Coffee is a World Vision Australia 'Business for Impact', which means 100% of profits go to World Vision to support the livelihood of poverty-stricken communities across the globe.

  • Source

    We work hard to source products which are high in quality and are ethically produced at origin. A majority of our coffees are Fairtrade certified.

  • Craft

    Our team meticulously cup and taste, batch roast, then package and ship our range of award-winning coffees from our warehouse in Blackburn, VIC.

  • Distribute

    We sell our products online and supply wholesale to clients across Australia. We also partner with food and beverage brands to make magic!

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Change your coffee,
change the world.

As a coffee drinker, or as a consumer of anything - you have the important power of choice. Chosing to consume products that do good for the world, even in small way, is a significant choice. Change the world with coffee in hand.

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How does the thing work?
How does the thing work?
How does the thing work?
How does the thing work?