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  • Coffee with a cause

    Not all heroes wear capes. Your humble cup of coffee can be a force for global good

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Coffee with a cause

The future is in the hands of women

Keeping it fair

More than just a coffee wholesaler. We're family

Big change starts with the small stuff

Drink coffee

Spread the word

Change the world

Drink more coffee

From the Roastery

Pick a freshly roasted blend or single origin for your home or office. Straight from the roastery to your door. Your neighbours will come knocking.

We're using a humble cup of coffee as a force for change

Our coffee is Fairtrade sourced, traded and certified, hand-roasted in Melbourne, and delivered all over Australia.

We're nutters about coffee, and we know our stuff. We're using coffee and business to fight poverty across the world in real, measurable, and life-changing ways. And we'd love your help!

Choose coffee that favours humanity!

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How can a cup of coffee change the world?

In the midst of all the massive, global crises surrounding us, how can a person, a business or a single cup of coffee change anything?

We believe that changing the world starts with small and simple acts we do daily. It starts with becoming more mindful of the action we are taking in every moment, and that includes the products we choose to buy. Change starts now.

Our Vision

It's time to do some real business

Your business can actually make a large global impact

We're calling on the brave and courageous change-makers in business. Future-minded owners and operators who are willing to use their business and community to join the fight against poverty, and make the world a more habitable and humane place for everyone. It's time to do some real business.

Become a Cafe for Change

Impact Stories

Jivan, Nepal

Jivan received training and support enough to kick-start her own vegetable production. Using her new knowledge she was able to make her previously unproductive land fertile. "This is a huge encouragement for me. I really want to educate my daughters well, and if it allows, buy my younger daughter a bicycle.”

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