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  • Breathtakingly good hot chocolate

    Luscious and rich hot chocolate! Grab some today

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Breathtakingly good hot chocolate

More than just a coffee wholesaler. We're family

Delicious award-winning specialty coffee

Giving back to humankind!

Big change starts with the small stuff

Hand-Roasted Specialty Coffee

Grab a freshly roasted blend or single origin for your home or office. Straight from the roastery to your door. Your neighbours will come knocking!

Enjoy that coffee! It's giving back to humankind.

Award-winning, Fairtrade and super delicious. What more could you want?


Breathtakingly good hot chocolate. Everything in moderation. Or not.

Take me there

Coffee Appreciation & Roastery Tour

Last Thursdays of the month, 12-1:30pm and 6-7:30pm

Keen for a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making that epic cup of coffee we all love? Join us for a tour of our roastery, and a coffee cupping session, to learn about the coffee process from green bean to cup.

Join Us