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Our mission is to ignite change in the industry, to show how an award-winning cup of coffee can be a force for global change.

Change Coffee is a social enterprise based in Melbourne. We’re on a mission to change some of the world’s biggest problems, with one of the world’s favourite daily commodities – coffee.

Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day. This level of demand provides an opportunity for coffee drinkers to effect change by simply swapping coffee brands.

Our Approach

Cup by cup, we’re building a new wave of conscious coffee consumers, who are giving a voice to farmers and workers across the globe. For us, good coffee means so much more than just the quality, it is reflected in how we fulfil our role and encapsulates our approach to business.

Our profits allow us to do more for the communities that need our help and enables us to keep contributing to positive change by paying it forward.

As consumers, we have the choice to vote with our dollar and purchase products that exist to right a wrong. 

We are 100% Fairtrade certified. Our coffee and cocoa is Fairtrade certified, traded, audited and sourced from Fairtrade producers.


We are 100% Fairtrade certified. As a Fairtrade certified business, we’re part of a global movement of businesses working toward creating positive impact in the world.

Our accreditation means our coffee has been produced by small scale farmers or plantations that meet internationally agreed Fairtrade standards. The standards include protection of workers’ rights, protection of children, preservation of the environment, payment of a Fairtrade minimum price and an additional Fairtrade premium to invest in initiatives which support local communities or business developments.

We are continuously audited from crop to cup to ensure these standards are met and adhered too. Over six million people – farmers, producers, workers and their families – worldwide benefit from Fairtrade.

When we purchase products like our coffee/cacao beans from Fairtrade certified farmers, we’re also addressing the inequalities within the industry, poor wages, and environmental degradation. 

Our coffee is Fairtrade® certified, traded, audited and sourced from Fairtrade producers, total 100%. For more visit FLO ID 41197

Exceptional Quality

Our coffee speaks for itself, winning multiple awards at both Golden bean and Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA).

We’re serious about our approach to quality. We only buy the best coffees from the finest farms and cooperatives from origins (link back to our Origins section) all over the world, who share our values and our commitment to quality. Our coffee is roasted in small batches at our roastery based in Melbourne. It is also home to our café, Little Things Café where our locals can enjoy Change Coffee’s single origins, bottomless filter coffee, as well as our seasonal and espresso blends.

Consistency is of the utmost importance to us and for that reason we take the time to taste each batch to make sure it’s just right. We’ve tried to simplify “barista speak” so that you too can learn more about Specialty Coffee here. 

We're committed to long-term sustainability, from our products, to our packaging, and every process and resource involved in making it all happen.


We are continuously pursuing ways to further reduce our impact on the environment. These are some of the initiatives we have taken on our journey to become Carbon neutral, with the long-term intention of becoming Carbon positive.

We are committed to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ending extreme poverty by 2030. We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and will continue to deepen our understanding and research the possibilities in order to keep implementing positive change.

Learn more about our commitment here.

  1. We compost our chaff and donate coffee grounds to local gardeners and permaculture groups. Our empty coffee bean jute bags are given away or sold for a nominal sum to our locals to use for gardening or art projects.

  2. We use 100% renewable sources for our electricity supply.

  3. We support work that helps farmers regenerate their land. Forests are integral to life on earth. Working hard as the lungs of the earth, the pull enormous quantities of carbon dioxide out of the air, giving us oxygen to breathe. Planting trees is one piece of the puzzle, now imagine the global impact that forest regeneration has on climate change.

  4. We use Afterburners which essentially oxidises the waste gases from roasting, removing unwanted emissions and odours without compromising the quality of our roast.
 We are helping to change the face of trade, by contributing to Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand’s objectives to make trade fair, empower producers and foster sustainable livelihoods.

  5. We use Australia Post for our delivery and support their Environmental Action Plan addressing the United Nations General Assembly SDGs.

  6. We use recyclable packaging which can be taken to your local Woolworths or Coles supermarket to be recycled through the REDCycle program.


As a business for impact, we are on a journey to ignite change in the coffee industry and we’re proud to say we have made progress to date, but we still have so much work to do.

As a consumer, when you make small changes to what you purchase, something as simple as the coffee you drink, before you know it, a positive difference has been made.

We’re on a mission to help eradicate global poverty by 2030 and with each cup of coffee we’re one step closer to achieving our goal.

Join our wholesale family

We're building a community of coffee-loving change makers, willing to fill another's cup before filling their own. Plus we have epic coffee for you to serve! We'd love you to join the Change Coffee family and use coffee, and your business, as a force for global change.