Brew Method: Aeropress

Brew Method: Aeropress

The Aeropress is an incredibly versatile brewer. They are one of the best travel options around, yet serve as a daily brew method of choice for people all around the globe. There are a myriad different methods and techniques you can use, however we’ve chosen one that is simple, effective, and produces a delicious filter style coffee.


What you’ll need

  • Aeropress
  • Filter Papers
  • Grinder & Coffee (or ground coffee)
  • Digital scales
  • Timer
  • Kettle
  • Cup



14g Coffee

  • If you enjoy your coffee black, we highly recommend using Filter Roasted coffee as the lighter roast will provide a more balanced and complex cup. If you enjoy coffee with milk and or sugar, an espresso roast will provide you with a fuller bodied coffee to cut through milk.

220g Water

  • The ideal brewing temperature for coffee is between 92-96 degrees. For most manual brew methods, we recommend bringing your water to a boil, waiting about 15 seconds, then brew away. Even if the water in your kettle is being poured at 99 degrees, by the time it's passed through the air, hits room temperature coffee, and a room temperature brewing vessel, the temperature will drop right around that 92-94 degree mark.

2:00 Brew Time




  1. Place your paper filter into the base and carefully rinse with hot water. This removes a papery taste that you would otherwise get from the filter.

  2. Attach the base to the main chamber of the Aeropress and place it on top of your cup and scale.

  3. Add 14g ground coffee. Give it a little shake side to side to level out the grounds. Freshly ground is always best. It should be a little finer than a V60 pour-over, but much courser than espresso still.

  4. Pour 220g water into the Aeropress.

  5. Stir well until all the coffee is evenly saturated

  6. Place the plunger on the top. You want to go in just far enough to create a seal, but not too far that you're pressing out the coffee.

  7. Wait 1.5 minutes, then press until you hear a hiss. This should take around 30 seconds.

  8. Sit back and enjoy your coffee!

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