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Become a Cafe for Change

We are seeding a social movement to change the way people do business. We believe your business can be a force for good for humanity and the environment, and be profitable.

Conscious products

We believe that changing the world starts with very simple acts done on a daily basis. It starts with becoming more mindful of the action we are taking in every moment, and that includes the products we choose to buy.

Increasingly, people are more aware than ever of how their purchasing impacts the world. Across the board, consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products. With 73% (Nielson 2015) of millennials globally supporting ethical brands over others. People are willing to spend more on what is actually good for the earth and the people on it. Today's consumers don’t want to buy a product that is harmful to people and the environment, they want to buy something that aligns with their personal values.

That’s why we're seeing a shift towards sustainable farming and products giving profits back to social causes. Change Coffee is proudly Fairtrade. Consumers are more informed, socially aware, caring about social justice, equity, the planet, and the environment more than ever before. Consumers are waking up! And they're making very conscious choices around what they are buying.

Purpose is about building something so good that your business becomes a movement. A place where people feel they belong, a conduit for like-minded people seeking to effect change.

Purpose has to be at the heart of any organisation. Its your why. A clear business purpose is like an anchor, it brings you back to your heart. Change Coffee offers you a meaningful place to work and a place where your customers feel they can belong.

We believe that business can be the solution to some of the biggest issues faced in the world today. By having a positive effect instead of a negative one on the environment and humanity. Knowing what you stand for is crucial. We believe fighting global poverty will give you the direction that your business deserves.

Purpose-Driven Business


We need you to help us create global impact! We're leveraging cafes and businesses to create this change.

At the heart of a purpose-driven business is the profound understanding that what we really want is a human connection, and to belong to a tribe or community. Change Coffee has the power to build that tribe so together we can do amazing things and make a difference. Cafes align with our higher purpose and then in the spirit of collaboration rather than competition we rise together to create change.

Let's do this together. We're going to provide you with all the marketing tools you need to promote your give back to the world, and bring your customers along for the journey.

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If changing your coffee could change the way you did business, could help you engage more with your customers, and give your staff a greater sense of purpose - you’d do it, right?

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