Brew Method: V60

Brew Method: V60

With nearly a century of manufacturing experience, calling Hario an icon of the coffee world still feels like an understatement. The V60 is simply put, the “standard” in manual brewing. Having a coffee pouring kettle will give you more control over your brew, but don’t get started with whatever kettle you have around.


What you’ll need

  • Hario V60
  • Filter Papers
  • Grinder & Coffee (or ground coffee)
  • Digital scales
  • Timer
  • Kettle (ideally a coffee pouring kettle)
  • Cup



15g Coffee

  • If you enjoy your coffee black, we highly recommend using Filter Roasted coffee as the lighter roast will provide a more balanced and complex cup. If you enjoy coffee with milk and or sugar, an espresso roast will provide you with a fuller bodied coffee to cut through milk.

250g Water

  • The ideal brewing temperature for coffee is between 92-96 degrees. For most manual brew methods, we recommend bringing your water to a boil, waiting about 15 seconds, then brew away. Even if the water in your kettle is being poured at 99 degrees, by the time it's passed through the air, hits room temperature coffee, and a room temperature brewing vessel, the temperature will drop right around that 92-94 degree mark.

Brew Time 2:30-3:00



  1. Put filter paper into your V60, and place it on top of your mug or server. Rinse the paper with hot water, then discard the water. Rinsing gets rid of the paper taste, and also pre-warms the brewer and mug or server.

  2. Place 15g of freshly ground coffee into the V60. Give the V60 a little shimmy and shake to level out the grinds.

  3. Start your timer, then gently pour in 50g of water in a circular motion. Starting from the centre, working your way to the outer edge.

  4. Carefully give the V60 a gentle swirl (think swirling wine in a wine glass) to ensure all the coffee is evenly saturated with water. Wait until the 30-second mark.

  5. Continue pouring in the same circular motion until reaching 100g of water in total.

  6. At the 1 minute mark, begin your final pour until you reach a total of 250g. When you've finished pouring, you can give the coffee a gentle stir with a spoon to help ensure an even finish to the brew.

  7. Your coffee should finish dripping through between 2:30-3:00 minutes.

  8. Sit back, enjoy!

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