Origin: Peru

Origin: Peru

Indigenous farmers are responsible for most of Peru’s coffee production.   

Founded in 2004 with 110 partners, the Aprocanorsi Cooperative produces shade-grown coffee and has the aim to improve the life of its members through the production, collection, marketing and export of high-quality coffee at a fair price. The cooperative members are situated in the districts of San Igancio, Namballe, San José de Lourdes and Huarango. 

History of Coffee in 
Coffee was introduced to Peru in the 1700s vie neighbouring country, Ecuador. In the late 19th century Peru began commercially exporting coffee and since the industry has rapidly grown. Small-scale coffee growers indigenous to the land are responsible for the majority of the country's production which traditionally cultivates shade-grown, high-quality beans. 

Coffee Processing  

Coffee is harvested from May to December, where farmers will pick ripe coffee beans and carry them to hand pulpers and wooden fermentation tanks. Pulping factories can pollute water sources and the small scale micro-wet-milling process that Peru coffee is traditionally processed by has protected the country's water resources. 

Small-scale farming presents challenges such as the inability to access credit and insufficient management of production and processing. Cooperatives have helped producers to mitigate risks and supply access to resources that are vital to harvesting. Typically, the coffee is collected from small farms, pooled together before being milled and taken to market by the cooperative. 


In 2005, the Aprocanorsi Cooperative was certified Fairtrade. Since all production has been carried out based on these principles and to establish harmony with the environment.  

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