Impact: A rehabilitated water point turns the tide for Valdemira

Impact: A rehabilitated water point turns the tide for Valdemira

Imagine missing out on school because you had to walk 8 hrs to pick up water due to severe drought. 

Valdemira’s school in Angola has 300 registered students but during the worst part of the drought, only 100 were attending, instead, they were having to walk 8 hours return to collect water a few days a week. “School is really good because I learn how to read better. I like to read about nature and science. My friend has a book that I read from,” shared 13-year-old Valdemira. Although she was kept down a year due to missing so much school, her spirits have not been dampened. Her eyes lit up as she shared, “I want to be a nurse when I grow up. I want to take care of adults who are sick.”

The rehabilitated water point now means Valdemira can do her usual two hour walk to school and fill her water container at the end of the school day to take home to her family. Her teacher Laura shared, “Education is so important for girls because it can open their minds to life’s possibilities.

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