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Coffee Duo 250g

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What's better than one bag of epic coffee? Two, obviously! We've paired our signature Purpose Blend, and the crowd favourite single origin, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, to give you a decent supply of coffee with a beautifully well-rounded taste profile. 

This duo is perfect for home or office, and can be supplied as whole beans (if you have your own grinder) or ground to suit your specific style.

Purpose Blend

Tasting notes of cherry, almonds, and milk chocolate. It cuts milk beautifully, but it holds it’s own as a well-balanced full-bodied black coffee. 

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Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe

Tasting notes of blueberries, orange zest, and cacao. It's vibrant and fruit-forward as a black coffee yet offers a light-bodied milk coffee reminiscent of white chocolate & blueberry cheesecake.

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Coffee that gives back to humankind. Now that's worth cheersing to!

We source and trade all of our green coffee consciously and fairly. We're big on ensuring that farmers being paid properly, their working conditions are safe, and their livelihood is sustainable. Then we hand-roast it all in Melbourne. It's epic tasting coffee with soul.