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Why Change Coffee?

At Change Coffee we are riding the wave of the new purpose economy. We provide you with a purpose so you can engage your staff and increase sales through customer loyalty and trust.

How does this work?

What individuals are seeking is more meaning in their lives. This sense of meaning, or purpose, is driven by three specific and connected needs. Meaning comes from making an impact through our work, facing challenges and growing as individuals, and having strong relationships with those around us. The latter is the greatest source of meaning in our lives..

Understanding this need for purpose, and the factors that drive that need, is why companies from Whole Foods to LinkedIn are thriving. They are laser-focused on delivering purpose to their customers and employees. They understand that to build loyalty and value they need to play a core role in all three areas of meaning creation for their stakeholders: relationships, impact, and growth. These are the differentiators in the new Purpose Economy.

As Cafe owners and business leaders look to transform their approach to business and thrive in the Purpose Economy, they should focus their efforts on understanding how they bring meaning to their current customers and employees. How are they helping them build strong relationships, make an impact, and grow? They can then use these insights to amplify these existing strengths and redefine their culture and consumer offerings to centre on relationships, impact, and growth.

This is the heart of the new Purpose Economy. It isn’t about some poetic purpose statement or set of values pasted on a wall. It is about optimising the amount of meaning and fulfilment your employees and customers feel everyday. The companies that can do that are going to be leaders in this exciting new era.  

Author: Simone Dowding

Simone Dowding