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Connect, Inspire and Make a Difference

The new hierarchy of needs

Move over Maslow, psychologists have now redesigned your hierarchy of needs pyramid based on new research that shows that career, community and a cause to believe in are the new motivators for employees in today’s purpose driven economy.

This sense of meaning, or purpose, is driven by three specific and connected needs. Meaning comes from making an impact through our work, facing challenges and growing as individuals.

But studies show most importantly that having strong relationships with those around us is the greatest source of meaning in our lives. The data is very clear on what people want at work, and they fundamentally want the same thing. People are looking for meaning in their lives and to feel intrinsically motivated in their career, in essence to feel inspired by a job they love! The studies also show that connection and a sense of belonging is important too. That people want to feel a part of a community, to feel respected, cared for, and recognised by others in the workplace.

Another important motivator is when businesses have a cause attached to their business strategy. A cause is about purpose, and a feeling that you’re making a difference. This enables employees to Identify with the companies mission and believe they’re doing good in the world. Businesses that authentically capitalise on embedding these principles into their culture have been proven to thrive and even flourish under difficult economic conditions.

One of the difficulties facing business is how to fully embrace and behave in line with their values on an everyday basis.

Change coffee knows that these keys when embedded systemically and creatively have the power to change your business from good to great! Adding our ethical products to your business aligns your staff and customers to your bigger purpose.

Get in touch and make a difference.

Author: Simone Dowding

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