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Change Coffee: A Social Enterprise

We’re proud to launch our first social enterprise, Change Coffee. A coffee brand that does something good in the world. A brand that stands for something great, with a promise to change the world by fighting global poverty. A Fairtrade certified product that is hand-crafted, specialty grade and supports coffee producers and their communities, and funds life-changing programs internationally.

With 100% of profits going towards the economic empowerment of women globally, we are able to give women all over the world a chance to come out of extreme poverty. We’re not just talking about material deprivation. The higher costs of poverty are stress, insecurity, and hopelessness. Hopelessness is the opposite of fulfilment. Poverty is beyond-traumatic, at it's worst it takes away women’s dreams, their potential future, and leaves no opportunity for change. We are now offering these women HOPE.

So change starts now, and it’s in our hands. It’s time to use coffee as our weapon for the greater good. Be a part of the change!

Change your coffee and change the world.

Simone Dowding

Simone is a social entrepreneur, former CEO of a national coffee company, and current Head of Social Enterprise for World Vision. Simone is a visionary conscious capitalist who believes business has the power to change the world.